Vancity Digital is a small mighty team of designers, content creators, bloggers, and web developers. We work with small and medium-sized businesses from Vancouver to Toronto focusing on building websites in WordPress, creating original content, and managing social media channels.

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Meet The Team


Veeka Bobrovitsky

Creative Director | Visual Designer | Founder

Veeka is a highly versatile Digital Designer with years of experience creating brand identity, curating and producing photo and video content, developing websites, and managing digital presence for startups and small and medium-sized businesses. 


Tedi Bezna

Digital Marketer | SEO + Content Strategist

Tedi is an experienced Digital Marketer & SEO Strategist with a passion to develop digital marketing solutions for businesses. Digital marketing combines her love for analytical, data-driven decision making with creativity, storytelling, and serving clients.


Nadine Gieseler

Senior Graphic Designer

Nadine is an experienced bilingual Graphic Designer who is fluent in English and French with 15+ years of print design experience working for publications in a corporate environment. She loves photography and people, creative photoshoots, and arts & crafts.



Blog Contributor | Intern

Chai is a millennial Blog Writer who is also a model and an aspiring actor who recently graduated from SFU. She often contributes to Vancity Digital blogs with her spunky take on the current world of social media.